Wayne Culpepper is Wayne Wandering Productions.

For the last 13 years, Wayne has been shooting photography assignments for magazines, ad agencies, architects, and global corporations.

Now he’s got a new production company, has added video and motion graphic services, and is taking the show on the road. Let’s team up on your next project and create something great together.

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photo + video to tell your brand’s story


A Production That Comes To You

Wayne Wandering Productions is a new business started by Wayne Culpepper.  Wayne spent from 2004-2016, working full-time as a commercial photographer focused mostly on still photography.  In March 2016, Wayne decided to head down a new path and start his own mobile production company that would travel and focus on projects shot on-location with a storytelling approach to both commercial still photography and video production. Thus Wayne Wandering Productions was born. Within its first year, assignments took him all around the United States and South America.

Propel Your Brand

And Tell Great Stories

If you’re a business that is looking for someone that can take the time to discover a way to communicate the heart of your brand and story then Wayne’s your man.  In the last 13 years, Wayne has created campaigns and imagery for hundreds of companies including General Electric, Michelin, Southern Tide Clothing,  Beija Flor Jeans, Verizon Wireless, BOSCH, Milliken, The YMCA, and Le Creuset falling into the categories of product, people/lifestyle, architectural, and aerial photography.  Before launching his own business Wayne spent 12 years with FishEye Studios, which he helped to found and brand and where he was the lead photographer for many years. Now he’s out on the road with a new business focused on location assignments, and with his break into video production he has even more services to offer to meet your vision.

Latest News

The Wandering Continues

It’s been an exciting time lately, I recently spent a month of video production in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I produced content for an exciting company called Unsettled. Check out the video project HERE.  I’m just back from two months in Guatemala where I shot a series of documentaries on indigenous Mayans for Better World Ed. I added a drone to my travel kit and I am enjoying the possibilities it has opened for aerial photography and video to mix in my projects.

When back at my home base in the US, I’ve had a combination of motion and still projects for various clients that have taken me all around the country.  November has taken me to projects in NYC, Texas, and near my home in South Carolina.  At the link, you can see some of the recent interior photography I’ve been doing of beautiful designs by panageries.com.

My Story

An Aspiring Renaissance Man

When Wayne’s not busy taking pictures for clients he’s training for American Ninja Warrior where he’s competed in two seasons. You can see one of his past runs  here  or watch his zany audition videos here.  He co-created an award-winning musical comedy web-series called Absurducopia in which he acts, writes, and directs.  Check out the latest award-winning episode here. His fine art has been shown in exhibits around the United States as well as in Belgium and China. When not on the road, you may find him at his home harvesting veggies and fruit where he’s designed a 5-acre permaculture-inspired edible landscape,  jamming on drums/guitar in his room full of instruments or playing a show with a rock band.

Wayne Wandering Radio

A New Storytelling Podcast Launching Soon

Stay tuned for Wayne’s upcoming podcast that shares adventure stories near and far.  Episodes will have on guests like top American Ninja Warrior Competitors to share their stories.  Wayne will also be chronicling some of his own adventures including episodes about freight-train hopping, getting lost at sea, and cross-country motorcycle trips. The episodes are told in a radio-drama style complete with field recordings, music, and sound effects. Music is a combination of original music made by Wayne Culpepper and tracks from guests.  Each episode also has a corresponding blog post with video and photographs from the actual stories that are unfolding in the audio on the podcast.  Sign up for Wayne’s newsletter and be sent the link when the podcast is available on iTunes.



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